Forest Idyll

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As I have mentioned before, my dad is also an artist. Having artistic parents gave me the courage to choose a career in fine arts. My dad’s work is displayed all over the south east, but the pieces that I am the most familiar with were, of course, in my parents house.
This is a painting Dad did of a sculpture in Brookgreen Gardens. I do not know if this piece was painted specifically for my mom or if she just claimed it for herself. All of the women in our family have a habit of “borrowing” paintings only to have them remain permanently on the walls in their home.
Inspiration is often transferred from one artist to another. My dad was inspired by this sculpture by Albin Polasek as well as the beautiful surroundings of the gardens. His inspiration then fed into mine. So, in honor of Albin Polasek and Charlie Pate Sr. I present my version of “Forest Idyll”.